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Why do an apprenticeship?
Get ahead of the rest with real wages, qualifications & skills.

β€œAn Apprenticeship was the right path for me. To be able to earn while Iearning without the worry of tuition fee debt and having to find employer connections when I finished.” – Archie

Why do an apprenticeship?
7 reasons to take the Apprenticeship route
Gain professional, recognised qualifications
An Apprenticeship is specific to a vocation, meaning you get the qualifications that matter to your career, making you an attractive prospect to future employers
Earn while you learn
Rather than paying to study, you will actually get paid to train. Depending on your circumstances, this could be vital wages you need to earn or the opportunity to save for the next step of your journey.
Keep your debt low
Apprenticeships come without the worry of tuition fees and student debt, meaning you can start your career without the burden of large debts.
Receive guidance and support from real-world trainers
Here at Derwent Training our teaching team are from real vocations, with experience of what it is like to apply the skills you will be learning in your Apprenticeship. This gives you the opportunity to explore with them how what you learn could be transferred into your workplace.
Get real work experience
An Apprenticeship automatically comes with a job. You will be getting paid to work for a real employer, giving you vital practical experience that is well sought after by employers.
Become a part of the workforce
Working on an Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to embed yourself into a real workforce. This is your chance to earn your place with your employer for the longer term and become a vital part of the team.
Build connections
A working environment means the chance meet vital connections for your ongoing career. Perhaps you will meet your next manager or employer?
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Apprenticeship training courses at Derwent Training

What is an apprenticeship?​
Find an Apprenticeship
Current Apprenticeships
Apprentice Mechanical Engineer
Company name:
York Probe Sources Ltd
Closing Date:
YPS Ltd is a high-tech manufacturer of electron optical devices. We build and supply our own electron emitters for a wide range...
Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker
Company name:
Holmes Catering Equipment Solutions
Closing Date:
Holmes Catering's (division of Space Catering (UK) Ltd) large UK-based factory specialises in the design , manufacture and inst...
What is an Apprenticeship
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