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of our learners are still with their employer 6 months after their Apprenticeship

Why do an apprenticeship?
Success stories

Meet Archie - Mechanical Engineering Technician Apprentice

Archie has always been hands-on and knew that he wanted to do a path of practical study. He found out about Derwent Training through his work experience and has enjoyed learning different skills across his apprenticeship, including milling, welding, hand-turning and machining. When he completes his training he would eventually like to run his own business.

“Doing an Apprenticeship is a great way to learn while also getting paid. There are people from all different backgrounds and walks of life here at Derwent Training. If you need help or support, there’s always someone to ask or relate to.”

Our Apprenticeships

Our Apprenticeships are for everyone, from school leavers to adult learners, from bookworms to hands-on workers. We offer 4 key Apprenticeship types here at the Derwent Training, Level 3 Apprenticeships in Engineering Technician and Metal Fabrication, Level 4 Apprenticeship in Engineering and Level 3 Apprenticeship in Team Leader/Supervisor.

Learn & Earn
What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship will give you the specific skills, qualifications and knowledge to make a successful start in your chosen industry. Whether engineering, manufacturing or leadership, you can receive paid training while still earning.

Why do an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships can give you a vital head start on the career ladder, earning with a real employer yet still with the opportunity to earn real qualifications, and without the larger debts often found with university study.

Learner Support for our Apprentices

Our priority at Derwent Training is ensuring our apprentices complete their training safely, promptly and confidently. All of our programmes are supported by a holistic range of mentoring, monitoring and communication methods.

apprentice funding
Success stories

Meet Daniel - Mechatronics Maintenance Technician Apprentice

Daniel wanted to develop in his career and, with the support of his employer, started as one of our Mechatronics Maintenance Apprentices. He knows that new opportunities will now open up in his workplace and is looking forward to taking the next steps in his career.


“Balancing work and training is made easy with the support of Derwent Training, everyone is friendly and professional. There is always something new to learn and I’ve already made a move to a different department in my company. I’m excited to see what comes next.”

Find an apprenticeship
Current Apprenticeships
Apprentice CAD/CAM Engineer
Company name:
RR Engineering
Closing Date:
RR Engineering offer a reliable sheet metal and design service. Informed by more than 50 years of experience, we work with stai...
Apprentice Sheetmetal Engineer
Company name:
RR Engineering
Closing Date:
RR Engineering offer a reliable sheet metal and design service. Informed by more than 50 years of experience, we work with stai...
Maintenance Apprentice
Company name:
William Hare
Closing Date:
The William Hare Group is a world-leading structural steel business, providing valued engineered solutions to some of the world...
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