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Derwent Training will help you to recruit and train the next generation of engineers through the apprenticeship route.

What Apprenticeships do Derwent Training offer?

  • Mechanical Machinist
  • Mechatronics Maintenance
  • Technical Support Technician
  • Fabrication and Welding

What is expected from an employer?

You must have a role within your business in which an apprentice will become skilled and competent. Apprentices must be provided with a mentor who can support them throughout their Apprenticeship.

An Engineering Apprenticeship will take approximately four years to complete and during this time all apprentices must compete 20% off-the-job-training. This is a legal requirement and is auditable.

Your apprentice will attend Derwent Training one day per week.

You must provide your apprentice with a contract of employment and they should be paid holiday and sick pay, as per your terms and conditions. Your apprentice must be paid the Government Minimum Wage but levels above this Minimum Wage are at your discretion.

What are the next steps?

  1. Please call 01653 697698 or email Lauren Heslington, Business Development Officer on heslington@derwenttraining.co.uk
  2. We will arrange a visit with you to understand your business and your requirements
  3. You will then provide us with a detailed job description that we will advertise on your behalf. We also advise you to advertise the post separately to maximise its reach
  4. All applicants are screened through an engineering aptitude test and interview. This ensures that applicants match your requirements.
  5. Formal interviews will be conducted at your premises and you must make the formal employment offer.
  6. We will meet with you and the apprentice to complete the relevant sign-up paperwork.