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Coronavirus Update

Important Documents

Derwent Training COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Derwent Training COVID-19 Secure Declaration

Covid-Secure Measures - Update 04/11/2020

Fom Monday 9th November, following the Government's recent Coronavirus announcement, all learners must wear face coverings when inside the training centre. 

Scientific evidence clearly shows that the age group attending Derwent Training are increasingly contracting the virus and these measures will continue to keep learners and staff safe. 

Derwent Training will remain open with low occupancy levels, staff and learners adhering to social distancing, hand sanitising stations are available around the building, temperature scans on arrival, staff wearing face coverings and adhering to the one-way system.


Very shortly we will be introducing a non-contact temperature scan as people enter the building for the first time during the day, this is for all staff and apprentices. Many businesses have already moved to this phase of upgrading COVID-Secure measures within the workplace. It will become a crucial measure as individuals begin to pick up and display a myriad of winter bugs that could be indistinguishable from COVID-19 initially.

As both an employer and an educational provider we have a duty of care and responsibility for all individuals entering the building. This is not something we take lightly and we will continue to take and enforce all necessary actions to keep us all as safe as possible until a vaccine is found for this disease that kills. 

We would like to remind apprentices that it is very important to adhere to the instructions that were sent to you in your joining instructions. This will allow us to keep learners and staff safe, this includes a one way system around the centre including restrictions to some classrooms, a clean zome upon entry and exit to the building and the toilets as well as social distancing and hand sanitising stations.

If learners are purposely not adhering to these instructions they will be asked to leave the training centre and return to work, and their employer will be informed. 


Derwent Training will recommence face to face delivery to learners during w/c Monday 15th June. The Business Support Team will be in touch with employers and learners to inform them of who will be the first cohort to restart during this week. 

Please note that face to face delivery will be for significantly reduced numbers so that 2 metre social distancing can be adhered to. If you have not received an email about restarting during this week do not come into the training centre. Remote delivery will continue for those who are not having face to face lessons. 

The training centre will look very different, and learners and employers will receive joining instructions on what they need to adhere to. This will allow us to keep learners and staff safe, this will include a one way system around the centre including restrictions to some classrooms, a clean zone upon entry and exit, social distancicng and hand sanitising stations. 

In addition to this, Trainers are now able to undertake workplace visits to carry out observations and assessments on learners. However, before they can do this we must receive an employers COVID Risk Assessment and a copy of your COVID Secure Declaration. Without a copy of these documents no one from Derwent Training can enter your premises. 

Please send these documents and any questions to 


We are reducing the activity undertaken at the Training Centre in response to the COVID-19 situation. We are starting a responsible process of social distancing to reduce group interaction. We must all act not only to safeguard ourselves, but to ensure we are not responsible for the spread of the virus. 

From Monday 23rd March until Friday 17th April 2020 the following is in operation:

1.  Derwent Training remains open and staff remain in work. However, all work will now be carried out remotely and no members of staff will be at the Training Centre. 

2.  Lessons not will take place at the Training Centre, so learners should not travel to the Training Centre as they will not be allowed in.

3.  All onsite visits to employers stop for the time being. We are halting all non-essential travel and maintaining greater social distancing. It is important to reduce everyone's exposure to other people as much as we can.

4. We are increasing further our activity online to do the following

4a. Continue to carry out tripartite progress reviews

4b. Undertake either 1-2-1 tutorials with apprentices or hold small group lessons via Zoom. Using Zoom rather than Microsoft Teams allows apprentices to use their own personal email address whilst staff use their Derwent Training address.  We will be forwarding instructions for both you and your apprentices by close of play tomorrow.

4c. When setting work for apprentices we are being specific about what is required and providing a deadline. This is essential to help apprentices (and employers) remain focused. So we are being clear about what aspect of the competence/NVQ or knowledge aspect apprentices are expected to complete. Some apprentices may find that work onsite slows or indeed they may be sent home. Having specific work to undertake will help them not only make progress, but feel and remain contacted, in a difficult time. Having something to focus on will assist also with everyones mental health. 

4d. Sending handouts and assignments electronically to apprentices and supporting these by Zoom meetings.

4e. Receive submitted work for assessment from apprentices that will be marked by the receiving trainer.  We ask that when an apprentice submits work they send it to the designated trainer and CC: This latter email address will allow us to centrally monitor submissions and help us all keep on top of the progress of apprentices. 

5.  Trainers are creating a schedule of activity showing when you will be contacting your apprentices. Gary Simm is collecting these so we can monitor progress but fundamentally ensure we are supporting all apprentices. We recognise progress may slow, so does the Government, but they are supportive and stress that work should continue wherever possible. 

In other news, we are proud of those companies who have been able to respond to the Government's urgent request for help in manufacturing components for ventilators. If anyone else thinks they can help, please go to our Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin feed.

We are also proud of Stuart, one of our Trainers, who has been seconded to Scarborough Hospital's Estates Team to help them bring back into operation wards that had previously been sidelined, in order to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak. Gary Simm is overseeing Stuart's caseload and liaising with Stuart to ensure his apprentices are kept on track.

6.  All apprenticeships are continuing. Therefore, employers should ensure that they continue to allow apprentices time off-the-job to continue to study. Ideally this should be done in their workplace rather than at home. It may involve time in the office to complete write ups and assessments or study for the English, Maths and ICT components. However, we appreciate that company's will take appropriate steps too, to safeguard the workforce.  Please keep us informed if and when your pattern of work changes.

7.  All staff’s work emails are on the website to ensure learners can contact their Trainer and send in work for marking.

8.  Some staff may be directed by the Government to self-isolate as a precautionary measure. They will continue to work remotely sending and receiving work to assess.

9.  We will continue to monitor the changing environment and act responsibly.

For general enquiries please contact the Business Support Team on and they can direct your email to the appropriate person.