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of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if there is investment in their learning and development.

CPD courses
Why invest in CPD courses?

Every manager wants a team of highly skilled, productive employees – but to recruit and retain this kind of talent it’s essential you invest in employee development. And with 69% of employers globally struggling to find skilled workers, it’s now more important than ever to retain and upskill existing employees.  


We provide flexible, interactive online training courses aimed at developing employees and upskilling them in their roles to better serve your business needs. Our courses are available in a variety of subjects from business behaviours and HSE, to customer care and safeguarding, allowing you to offer a “pick and mix” approach to employee training. 


Our CPD courses are also available for individuals looking for ways to progress in their own careers.


Our courses

Our business short courses are a cost-effective way of providing flexible, online training in key business topics. As each course will take no more than 40 minutes to complete, these are simple solution for quickly upskilling your team in topics that matter to your business.  


  • Introduction to Bribery Act
  • Communication
  • Equality and Diversity 
  • Fraud & Fraud Prevention
  • General Data Protection Regulations
  • Managing Conflict
  • Prevention of Money Laundering 
  • Self-awareness & Personal Development
  • Teamworking


Our Business courses >

Fire Safety in the Workplace

According to government statistics, there are 15,000 fires in workplaces and places where people gather in England every year. That’s 40 fires a day. Our fire safety courses are designed to help employees understand and mitigate the risk of fire in the workplace and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to prevent them. 


  • Introduction to Fire Safety in the Workplace
  • Level 2 Fire Safety


Our Fire Safety courses >

Health & Safety in the Workplace

The HSE estimates that there are approximately 600,000 non-fatal workplace accidents in Britain each year. Equipping workers with an awareness of how to work safely can minimise the risk of harm to your workforce.


  • Level 1 Health & Safety
  • Level 2 Health & Safety
  • Level 3 Health & Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Stress management


Our Health & Safety courses >

Crowd Safety

Our crowd safety courses are packed with interactive content which will equip learners with the skills they need to safely work at spectator events.


  • Level 2 Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events
  • Spectator Safety


Our Crowd Safety courses >

Health & Social Care

Ideal for employees working in settings such as care homes or as home carers, our health and social care courses provide a simple solution to training and upskilling your team and are designed to be used as stand-alone modules or included in an induction programme.  


  • Anaphylaxis & Autoinjectors
  • Care Certificate
  • Infection Prevention & Control


Our Health & Social Care courses >

Food Safety

Effective food safety and hygiene training isn’t just for businesses with a kitchen, it applies equally to businesses selling pre-packaged food and can help protect your business and ensure you avoid unwanted publicity. Our food safety courses are an ideal solution for ensuring your staff understand their role in this important area.


  • Level 1 Food Safety
  • Level 2 Food Safety
  • Level 3 Food Safety


Our Food Safety courses >

Customer Care

It’s no secret that high-quality customer care can make or break your business’ reputation. In this engaging and interactive course, we equip learners with the skills they need to deliver excellent customer care – all delivered via an easy-to-use online platform that can be accessed anywhere. 


  • Level 2 Customer Service


Our Customer Care courses >

Warehousing & Storage

Our Warehousing & Storage e-learning course offers a flexible delivery option for apprentices undertaking the Level 2 certificate or intermediate apprenticeship in warehousing and storage. It also provides a useful resource for learners wishing to further their knowledge of how to work safely and effectively within a warehouse or storage setting.


  • Level 2 Warehousing & Storage


Our Warehousing & Storage courses >


Safeguarding training is essential for identifying vulnerable individuals who may be at an increased risk of harm and ensuring they are protected. Offering appropriate safeguarding training to your employees demonstrates that you are invested in the safety and wellbeing of those in your care. 

  • Safeguarding Children


Our Safeguarding courses >


Completing this course is mandatory for obtaining the APLH Personal Licence, a legal requirement for people who are involved in the sale of alcohol. Our Personal License Holder course will equip your employees with the information they need ton sell alcoholic responsibly. 


  • Level 2 Personal License Holders


Our Licensing courses >

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