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Here to support you through your apprentice recruitment journey.

The apprentice recruitment process might seem daunting, but we have a dedicated team who will work closely with you to help you find the right apprentice for your business.

The apprentice recruitment process
Register with the Apprenticeship Service
You must legally register an apprenticeship with the Government by creating an account online. You can advertise vacancies here and potential apprentices can search for opportunities using this platform and registering here will also give you access to vital apprenticeship funding. If you are struggling to register or advertise your Apprenticeship then we can give you support and advice.
Tell us your requirements
Inform us of your Apprenticeship recruitment requirements so that we can add you onto our recruitment list for that academic year. You can also advertise your Apprenticeship opportunity on our website, the national “Find an Apprenticeship” website and on social media to reach the best quality candidates.
We can then accept applications on your behalf from candidates who are looking to pursue an Apprenticeship. All applicants will apply via our website and submit a CV before completing an English and Maths initial assessment. This will be followed by an interview with a member of our Business Support Team. These steps will assess the applicant’s suitability to start an Apprenticeship.
Once they have successfully passed our recruitment process, all applicants who match your requirements will be shortlisted for your vacancy. We will then provide you with all the relevant information so you can select applicants for a formal interview at your premises.
Employment offer
Once you have interviewed applicants and selected who you would like to recruit you will need to send them an employment offer and inform us once they have accepted. We will then meet with you, and your new apprentice, to discuss the requirements and complete all the relevant paperwork.
How can I be sure the candidate is suitable?

Derwent Training applicants are put through a rigorous recruitment process, and our Business Support Team screen all applicants to check their suitability to start an apprenticeship before we shortlist them for your opportunity.

Candidates are required to undergo an English and Maths initial assessment and recruitment interview before you even meet them, ensuring that you only see the best quality candidates.

Got questions about the recruitment process?

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