Celebrating 35 Years of Supporting Apprentices

Derwent Training are proud to be celebrating 35 Years of Supporting Apprentices in 2023.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Claire Gavaghan had this to say about the milestone: ”Her late Majesty the Queen said of engineers: ‘Throughout history, engineers have served their neighbours, their towns, and their countries by making tools, machines and countless other things that improve every aspect of life.’

As Derwent Training celebrates its Coral Anniversary, we reflect on the impact of training apprentices for the last 35 years. What have they achieved in their lives? They have built careers; generated income for their employers and themselves; started their own businesses; and designed and created the future and helped to make the world a better place.

During the last 35 years Derwent Training has helped transform lives and made a difference. As we acknowledge and celebrate our history, we step confidently into the future, assured that we help make tomorrow a better day.”

We would like to thank all current and previous partner employers, apprentices and directors for their continued support.

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