Message from CEO - Changes to COVID Secure Procedures

As we remain in a COVID-19 national and global pandemic, and as such Derwent Training's risk assessment, and all health and safety measures remain firmly in place. As both an employer and an educational establishment, we have a duty of care and responsibility for all individuals entering the building. This is not something we take lightly and we will continue to take and enforce all necessary actions to keep us all as safe as possible until a vaccine is found for this disease that kills. 

Very shortly we will be introducing a non-contact temperature scan as people enter the building for the first time during the day. Many businesses have already moved to this phase of upgrading COVID-Secure measures within the workplace. It will become a crucial measure as individuals begin to pick up and display a myriad of winter bugs that could be indistinguishable from COVID-19 initially.

The scan is digital, does not require contact and provides an indication of whether a temperature is within a normal range, high or is a fever. 

  • If any individual shows a temperature at, or above 37.9c they will not be allowed to proceed into the building and asked to go home (not work). If it is an apprentice, we will call the employer and let them know. This temperature is the level the Government recommends self-isolation and getting a COVID-19 test. 
  • Below this temperature, an individual can enter the building but if the scan indicates a high temperature they will be required to return to the office after 1 hour to be re-scanned. If the temperature remains high they will return every hour to ensure their temperature does not go above 37.8c.
  • If an individal has a temperature in a normal range, they can proceed into and stay in the building. 

Staff taking the temperatures will not be writing down, or keeping records of temperatures. We will be placing notices around the centre to inform apprentices of the changes. 

We would like to highlight to all apprentices the importance of adhering to the rules set by the training centre. You can find these in the joining instructions you received when you were notified of your attendance day. All apprentices are reminded that if they do not stick to the rules of attending the training centre they will be told to return to work and their employer notified.

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