COVID-19 23.03.2020 - Message from Chief Executive Officer

Derwent Training are continuing to make progress with apprentices as we employ new ways of working remotely. 

The Senior Leadership Team meet online at 10:00am each day and are now implementing the following steps in line with Government advice:

1. All on-site visits to employers will stop for the time being. We are halting all non-essential travel and maintaining greater social distancing. It is important to reduce everyone's exposure to other people as much as we can. 

2. We are increasing further our activity online to do the following:

2a. Continue to carry out tripartite progress reviews

2b. Undertake either 1:1 tutorials with apprentices or hold small group lessons via Zoom. Using Zoom rather than Microsoft Teams which allows apprentices to use their own personal email address whilst staff use their Derwent Training email address.

2c. When setting work for apprentices we are being specific about what is required and providing a deadline. This is essential to help apprentices (and employers) remain focused. So we are being clear about what aspect of the competence/NVQ or knowledge aspect apprentices are expected to complete. Some apprentices may find that work onsite slows or indeed they may be sent home. Having specific work to undertake will help them not only make progress, but feel and remain contacted, in a difficult time. Having something to focus on will assist also with everyone's mental health. 

2d. Sending handouts and assignments electronically to apprentices and supporting these by Zoom meetings. 

2e. Receive submitted work for assessments from apprentices that will be marked by the receiving trainer. We ask that when an apprentice submits work they send it to the designated trainer and Cc: This latter email address will allow us to centrally monitor submissions and help us all keep on track of the progress of apprentices. 

3. The trainers are creating a schedule of activity showing when you will be contacting your apprentices. Derwent Training's Quality Manager, Gary Simm will collect these so that we can monitor progress but fundamentally ensure we are supporting all apprentices. We recognise that progress may slow, so does the Government, but they are supporting and stress that work should continue where possible. 

We are proud of those companies that have been able to respond to the Government's urgent request for help manufacturing components for ventilators. If anyone else thinks they can help, please go to our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn feed where you can find what is needed and how to respond. If you need further information, please email Lauren Heslington on

We are also proud of Stuart, one of our Electrical Trainers, who has been seconded to Scarborough Hospital's Estate Team to help them bring back into operation wards that had previously been sidelined. Thank you to Stuart for going to help the NHS in such difficult times. Gary Simm  will be overseeing Stuart's caseload and liaising with Start to ensure his apprentices are kept on track. 

Please do not feel alone as we work remotely. We are a team and by all doing our very best, we will come through this. Email or call us if you have any concerns. We are responding as quickly as we can. However like everyone nationally, we are dealing with our own physical and mental well-being, as well as that of our families. We may therefore, not get back to you within the same working day, but we will get back to you. Please be patient with us. 

Government request for employer support

The Government are looking for organisations who can support in the supply of ventilators and ventilator components such as:
- Air compressors / pumps
- Gas mixing valves
- Flow control valves
- Pressure relief valves
- Check valves / one-way valves
- Industrial Automation components (Safety Relays / PLCs)
- Power supplies
- Electric motors, and motor components
- Tubing and fittings

Please go to if you can help in any way and spread the word. 

Apprentices continue to support Engineering and Ma...
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