Action being undertaken in response to Coronavirus

We are doing our part to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and working collectively in the interests of us all.

Derwent Training has already taken a number of steps within the organisation to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus. This has included addressing the lapses in hand washing routines and increasing the disinfection of surfaces. 

Below are a number of actions we are now taking or will be enacted as circumstances arrive. 

1. We are instructing staff to reduce unnecessary travel to companies and external meetings wherever possible

2. We have clear plans in place should any apprentice or Derwent Training member of staff either have a positive test or have to self-isolate. These have been communicated to the lead contact at all employers who have apprentices at Derwent Training. 

3. We have requested that if staff at an employer, who has an apprentice with Derwent Training, either self-isolates or has a positive test, that the employer informs Derwent Training in confidence, to allow us to make the appropriate decisions in a timely and sensitive way. 

4. We are reducing (preferaby stopping) shaking hands with people. 

5. If the Government instructs all schools, colleges and training providers nationally to shut for a designated period in order to reduce potential spread of the virus, Derwent Training will have to shut too for a period of time. We have informed employers of what will happen in those circumstances and assured them that ultimately it will not impact detrimentally on the apprentices achievement. 

We are using our website to provide information and updates in a general manner however, should there be specific or confidential information, we will contact employers directly. However please feel free to contact Derwent Training whenever you wish to do so. 

The Government has issued the following helpline and email for staff, parents and learners with questions about COVID-19 related to education:

The opening hours are 8am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)

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