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Coronavirus Update

Important Documents

Derwent Training COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Derwent Training COVID-19 Secure Declaration

Coronavirus Update - 19/08/2021

Derwent Training is maintaining its Covid-19 resilience with the actions in place in the training centre. The overarching objective is to keep delivering education and training throughoug 2021/22, particularly during the Autumn and Winter. As an employer itself, Derwent Training requires all staff to have regular lateral flow tests before arriving at the centre. We believe that this is a responsible action to curb the transmission of the virus, as it is clear that even those who are vaccinated can spread the virus if they are asymptomatic. 

Each apprentice needs to take every precaution to help keep the training centre free from Covid positive individuals. Whilst the Government has said that if you are fully vaccinated and have been in contact with someone who tests positive you do not need to isolate, we will not allow staff in the centre if they are in contact with a positive case. This is to safeguard others, some of whom are classed as vulnerable. The impact of having staff isolating is that they are not available for face-to-face delivery. Whilst remote learning has value, it does not help develop practical skills. 

We are asking that all apprentices has a lateral flow test prior to coming to the training centre, ideally taken the day before they are due in. You can order lateral flow tests here. As an independent training provider, the Government does not provide us with lateral flow tests for learners, as they have previously done with schools and colleges. Like everyone, we are trying to manage the situation to maintain a safe environment and reduce the risks of contracting and/or transmitting Covid. Whilst we may know which staff member lives with or cares for someone who is, for example, immunosuppressed or undergoing cancer treatment for cancer, we do not know this for all learners. 

Covid Secure Measures still in place:

  • One way system around the building
  • Sanitisation upon entry to the building
  • Masks are recommended, but not compulsory
  • No entry into Reception or Trainers Office's.


Update on Attendance following Government Guidance - 01/03/2021

Since we last used the training centre in December many things have changed including a national lockdown, new variants of the virus occurring and an introduction of a vaccination programme. What has not changed is the risks from Covid still remain high. 

As a result of a discussion with the Chair of the Board and the Senior Leadership Team about re-engagement with face-to-face delivery the following action has been agreed:

  • The first priority is to maintain the safety and well-being of staff, the majority of whom fall within vaccination priority groups 4-9
  • Given the changing and evolving situation around the pandemic, the re-engagement of the training centre will be staggered. 

To safeguard those in the priority groups (who are therefore deemed higher risk) we are asking staff in those groups to continue to deliver remotely until 3 weeks after receipt of the first jab to ensure higher levels of protection for those staff, and for those they have contact with. With increased level of protection, a schedule of face-to-face delivery is planned to bring learners back into the training centre. This means that re-engagement in the training centre will differ for members of staff. 

Those learners returning w/c Monday 8th March, as per the Government guidelines and where the Trainers meet the above, have been notified on their return date along with their employers. If you have any queries regarding your attendance please contact our Quality Manager, Gary Simm on All those that have received a separate email will continue to work remotely until further notice. 

Please note that the Covid-Secure Measures that were in place before the national lockdown are still to be adhered to whilst in the training centre. To re-iterate, we are much closer to the end of the pandemic than ever before. We do not want to blow it now. 


Update Coronavirus Measures - 04/01/2021

In light of the recent Government announcements, Derwent Training has taken the decision to go 100% remote learning until at least Monday 18th January. 

This decision has been based on a number of factors:

  • Numbers of positive Covid cases are increasing rapidly
  • The training centre, and the majority of its staff and learners now live in a Tier 3 area
  • Some staff and learners live in Tier 4 areas where the number of positive cases per 100,000 is very high
  • We have a number of vulnerable staff and learners
  • The new variant of Covid is transmitting quicker and easier than the original strain
  • The impact of people mixing at Christmas is not yet clear
  • Schools and Colleges have been instructed to delay opening
  • Some employers do not want employees to be mixing during this time
  • We need to play our part in reducing the impact on the NHS. 

The actions we are now taking are:

  • All staff will return to work remotely on Monday 4th January
  • Remote delivery of learning will start Tuesday 5th January with trainers delivering via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Learners are not allowed into the training centre until at least Monday 18th January
  • For the moment, no workplace visits will take place
  • Laptops will be distributed to learners who need them to allow them to continue with their training
  • Tripartite reviews will continue and be done by video or phone conferencing, to allow for joint discussions. 

We will review the situation regularly and provide updates for learners and employers. 


Covid-Secure Measures - Update 04/11/2020

Fom Monday 9th November, following the Government's recent Coronavirus announcement, all learners must wear face coverings when inside the training centre. 

Scientific evidence clearly shows that the age group attending Derwent Training are increasingly contracting the virus and these measures will continue to keep learners and staff safe. 

Derwent Training will remain open with low occupancy levels, staff and learners adhering to social distancing, hand sanitising stations are available around the building, temperature scans on arrival, staff wearing face coverings and adhering to the one-way system.


Very shortly we will be introducing a non-contact temperature scan as people enter the building for the first time during the day, this is for all staff and apprentices. Many businesses have already moved to this phase of upgrading COVID-Secure measures within the workplace. It will become a crucial measure as individuals begin to pick up and display a myriad of winter bugs that could be indistinguishable from COVID-19 initially.

As both an employer and an educational provider we have a duty of care and responsibility for all individuals entering the building. This is not something we take lightly and we will continue to take and enforce all necessary actions to keep us all as safe as possible until a vaccine is found for this disease that kills. 

We would like to remind apprentices that it is very important to adhere to the instructions that were sent to you in your joining instructions. This will allow us to keep learners and staff safe, this includes a one way system around the centre including restrictions to some classrooms, a clean zome upon entry and exit to the building and the toilets as well as social distancing and hand sanitising stations.

If learners are purposely not adhering to these instructions they will be asked to leave the training centre and return to work, and their employer will be informed. 

For general enquiries please contact the Business Support Team on and they can direct your email to the appropriate person.