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Application Form For Engineering Apprenticeships

Are there any specific advertised roles that you're interested in applying for:

What is the best way to contact you regarding your apprenticeship application?

What types of Apprenticeships would you like to apply for?

Personal Statement

Please tell us why you want to do an apprenticeship and why you want a career in engineering. Remember that an employer will look at this.

Personal Information

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Emergency Contact Details

Have you been a resident in the UK for at least 3 years? (Required)

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More about you

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Do you have a disability or health difficulty? (Required)

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Remember if you don't tell us, we can't put things into place to support you during your Apprenticeship.

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Other Qualifications

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Work Experience

Please detail all of your previous employment, part time or voluntary work (this doesn't need to relate to engineering)

Employer's name, address and nature of business
Position held and main duties
Skills and Hobbies

CV Uploader

Please note that we require a copy of your CV to go alongside your application form.. You can use the uploader facility to send your CV to us alongside with your application. Alternatively, you can email a copy of your CV to or
Please let us know if you require any help in creating a CV.

Please Note: You can only send your CV in the following formats: .doc, docx and .pdf extensions.

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I understand that the information provided is collected by Derwent Training Association to contact you regarding Apprenticeship Opportunities. Your information will be sent to employers for recruitment purposes. All data will be collected and processed in accordane with the Data Protection Act 2018.

If not successful, your information will be disposed of accordingly.