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How do I apply for an Engineering Apprenticeship?

You will need to complete an online application form and submit a CV. Your application will then be processed by a member of our Business Support Team and following this you will be sent a link from our assessment partner BKSB with instructions of how to complete our English and Maths Initial Assessment. Upon successful completion of the Initial Assessment you will be invited a remote interview via Zoom with a member of our Business Support Team. 

Please note that if you do not meet our entry criteria at any point during the recruitment process then your application will be made unsuccessful and we will provide you with the relevant information, advice and guidance on your next steps. We will attempt to contact you three times throughout our recruitment process, if we cannot reach you via email, telephone and text then your application will be made unsuccessful. 

What happens after I have applied?

Once you have successfully passed our recruitment process we will shortlist you for apprenticeship opportunities with local employers that we feel your career aspirations, skills and personal qualities match. If you are selected by an employer then you will attend their premises for a formal interview, just like you would for any job role. 

We cannot guarantee a placement for every applicant who applies to us for an Engineering Apprenticeship. You will need to be pro-active throughout the recruitment process, and apply for opportunities with employers direct. This shows a genuine interest in progressing onto an Apprenticeship in Engineering. You should actively be applying for opportunities on the Find an Apprenticeship Website. We are not a recruitment agency and we can only support you in securing an Apprenticeship, you also need to be showing willing as it is your future. 

Who pays for the Apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship training is funded by the Government, and any short falls will be funded by your employer. You will be expected to pay for your travel to work and to Derwent Training, as well as any lunch or food you need when at the training centre.

What happens if I require extra support during the Apprenticeship?

There is a section on the application form to disclose any information you think that Derwent Training needs to know about you. From this information, and a Personal and Social Self Assessment that you will complete on your first day with us, we can provide you with the appropriate support that you require. If you don't tell us, then we can't put the things in place to support you. 

Once you start your Apprenticeship, we will use all of the above information to put together a Learning Support Plan that will be with you throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship.

What will I be doing during an Apprenticeship?

An Engineering Apprenticeship will take you four years to complete. Throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship you will be assessed on Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours applicable to the role that you are doing in the workplace. 

You will attend our training centre in Malton one day a week to complete a mixture of clasroom and practical based learning. The remaining days of the week you will be learning on-the-job with your employer. 

If you have not achieved a GCSE Grade C/4 or above in Maths and/or English then you must complete a Level 2 Functional Skills qualification in these subjects. This may require more attendance to Derwent Training than just your one day per week attendance. 

How will I get to Derwent Training?

As we are an independent training provider we do not provide a free bus service to and from the training centre. As you are paid a wage by your employer you are expected to may your own way to the training centre. 

We do have a car park on-site but spaces are limited, we do advise learners to car share or walk where possible. This also helps the carbon footprint associated with your training. The Coastliner bus stops on the main road adjacent to the entrance to the training centre, and we are a 20 minute walk from Malton Bus Station. Malton is on the train route from Scarborough and York, and the training centre is a 20 minute walk away from Malton Train Station. 

If you need to get public transport on your attendance day, you are expected to get to the training centre on time to start class at 9.00am, if you are late to lessons this will be marked as lateness and your employer will be informed. Your attendance day finishes at 4.00pm and no learners will be allowed to finish early to get their bus or train. Your attendance day should be considered as a day at work as your employer is paying you, and your behaviour and attitude should reflect this. 

How much will I get paid?

Your employer is the one wo pays you, so it is to their discretion as to what you are paid as long as it meets the National Government Minimum Wage requirements. You can find the current National Minimum Wage rates here:

Apprentices are entitiled to the apprentice rate if they're either:

  • aged under 19
  • aged 19 or over and in the first year of their Apprenticeship. 

If you are unhappy with your pay, you will need to speak to your employer. 

What should I do if I am not successful in securing an Apprenticeship?

You cannot start with Derwent Training until you are successful in gaining employment and the employer signs you up to start an Apprenticeship. We advise all applicants throughout our recruitment process that they need to be applying for full-time engineering courses as well as applying for apprenticeship vacancies direct with companies in order to maintain their options. 

Full-time engineering course providers:

If you have any questions that we have not answered, please contact the Business Support Team on 01653 697698 or on