Supporting IWED2017 on Friday 23rd June

DTA will be supporting International Women in Engineering Day which takes place annually on 23rd June. The day focuses attention on the amazing careers in engineering and technical roles for girls, and allows the celebration of the outstanding achievements of women engineers. 

The Women in Engineering Society (WES) is a charity which started in 1919 at the end of the First World War when the women who had worked in technical jobs during the war wanted to continue with this work. A change of law to ensure that the country reverted to a pre-war setting when the War finished ment that the women were unable to continue in their (engineering) jobs, and were unwanted in the technical professons.

The National Average for women working in STEM subjects currently sits at 3% and DTA are extremely proud that 10% of our apprentices training with us are female. Below are some of the experiences of the girls who study Engineering with DTA and work within the engineering sector.

Laura Speakman - ''I work at Severfield Design and Build in Sherburn as a Junior Draughtsperson. I originally applied to DTA after completing a BTEC in Engineering with Malton School at the training centre; after doing their assessment they sent my details to different employers which made the process easy for me. I was scouted by Severfield whilst working for my previous employer and I'm only in the 3rd year of my apprenticeship. The advice I would give any girls is don't be scared to pursue any opportunities that are different than what your friends are applying for i.e. 'male dominated job roles.''


Roxanne Mennell - ''I am currently employed at Arc Electical UK in Malton as an Apprentice Electrician. I was really appreciative of DTA as they sent my details to local employers after my previous employers let me go due to the previous company struggling. I would advise anyone to take all of the opportunities they can get - don't let anyone discourage you. Follow whatever career path you want, it's your life. Go to Open Days, ring round different companies to see if you can go and visit and be as active in researching as you can.''


Kelly Lambert - ''I am studying for an Apprenticeship in Fabrication and Welding. I am 33 years old and I knew someone who had a placement within their business as I wanted to change my career pathway, I have the desire to succeed within the career pathway. My advice would be to try every opportunity as you never know where it may lead. There are so many opportunities when doing an Apprenticeship in Engineering.''




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