Higher Apprenticeships visit the University of York

Final Year Higher Apprenticeship students Matt Tindall, Darren Kirk, Joe Godliman and Mike Coates who are currently studying HND were lucky to visit York University and be shown around their integrated circuit manufacturing facilities by Dr Iain Will.

The University of York is home to pioneering manufacturing and research and in the clean room where the apprentices are pictured; circuits are designed, built, connected, encapsulated and tested. The air in the facility is filtered to a degree far higher than any hospital operating theatre, as the smallest particle of dust can get into the assembly and cause chip failure. 

As well as looking around the teaching Laboratory and many research projects including a pioneering method of air sampling about to be sent to Sweden, they were shown the Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) unit which is unique to York University, with its ability to measure at the atomic layers level. 

This visit has given added value to the apprentice's 'Principles of Electronic Manufacture' unit and without such visits lessons would often be restricted to the teaching of such topics via videos.

DTA, the apprentices and their employers are grateful to the University of York and their Staff for hosting a valuable educational visit and we are pleased they have agreed to do this for future year groups as part of the relationship that extends to the University employing their own apprentices from September who will be trained at DTA. 

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