Chief Executive Officer Update - Attendance

Since we last used the training centre in December many things have changed including a national lockdown, new variants of the virus occurring and an introduction of a vaccination programme. What has not changed is the risks from Covid still remain high. 

As a result of a discussion with the Chair of the Board and the Senior Leadership Team about re-engagement with face-to-face delivery the following action has been agreed:

  • The first priority is to maintain the safety and well-being of staff, the majority of whom fall within vaccination priority groups 4-9
  • Given the changing and evolving situation around the pandemic, the re-engagement of the training centre will be staggered. 

To safeguard those in the priority groups (who are therefore deemed higher risk) we are asking staff in those groups to continue to deliver remotely until 3 weeks after receipt of the first jab to ensure higher levels of protection for those staff, and for those they have contact with. With increased level of protection, a schedule of face-to-face delivery is planned to bring learners back into the training centre. This means that re-engagement in the training centre will differ for members of staff. 

Those learners returning w/c Monday 8th March, as per the Government guidelines and where the Trainers meet the above, have been notified on their return date along with their employers. If you have any queries regarding your attendance please contact our Quality Manager, Gary Simm on All those that have received a separate email will continue to work remotely until further notice. 

Please note that the Covid-Secure Measures that were in place before the national lockdown are still to be adhered to whilst in the training centre. To re-iterate, we are much closer to the end of the pandemic than ever before. We do not want to blow it now. 

I hope that you can understand the reasoning behind this approach. We do feel it is the best way forward. 

We thank all employers for their continued support. 

Claire Gavaghan

Chief Executive Officer

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